Duk Springs is a 2011, 14hh, full sister to Tivio Socorro. A daughter of Tivio Springs crossed with a Poco Bueno, Doc Bar bred mare. This breedy, deep bodied mare crosses back many times to King, Poco Bueno and Doc Bar, her lineage goes back to Red, Jessie James, Solis, Wimpy, Little Joe, Zantanon and King.  Very few horses bred and made like this anymore. Duk Springs has a fine head, big eyes, thick clean legs, short strong back, long deep hip with black hooves, she is all bay, no white. 


Boon Bar Springs - 2012, 13

14hh,  Fine head, strong back, and deep muscled hip. Check out her pedigree, a daughter of Tivio Springs crossed with an own daughter of the legendary Boon Bar crossed with a daughter of Doc’s Hickory. We are very excited about this mare, she has strong producing mare written all over her pedigree, and the look to match it. 


Boons Instant Choice a 2011, 14hh daughter of SR Instant Choice crossed with a daughter of Peptoboonsmal.  Boons Instant Choice has big soft eyes, fine head, nice deep long hip, and travels with soft fluid controlled movement. 

Tivio Sandia - 2011, 13.2 hh A daughter of Tivio Springs. She has a deep hip, strong back, gentle disposition, a lot of horse in a small package. Tivio Sandia is a full sister to Tivio Dulce. Both pedigrees go back twice to the famous Poco Bueno/Sheilwin cross that produced both Poco Tivio & Poco Lena, one of the most successful crosses that revolutionized the cow horse industry. 

Tivio Dulce, double bred Poco Tivio with Doc O’Lena on her papers. 13.2hh. Deep bodied, big hipped. Beautiful dark seal brown mare, fine head, strong back, excellent disposition, conformation, and pedigree. Tivio Dulce is a full sister to Tivio Sandia. Her pedigree is identical to her full sister. Their dam, Little O Bad Peppy, is by an own son of Doc O’Lena crossed with Christy Jay, (dam to Colonel Freckles), and Little Sandia Lynx (our black mare), who is both a grand-daughter of Peppy San Badger & Docs Lynx.  

Little Sandia Lynx - 2002 14.2 hh mare. Fine gorgeous head & neck, deep thick body and an outstanding hip that ties down. She is the mother and grandmother to several horses that we still own and rolled into our program. Little Sandia Lynx has produced excellent horses in her life, regardless of what stallion she is bred . She is a daughter of Dulces Peppy x Peppy San Badger crossed with a daughter of Doc’s Lynx. We can’t say enough about the quality of this mare and her ability to consistently produce outstanding horses.

Little O Bad Peppy - 2007, 14hh, deep bodied, massive hipped daughter of Call Me Bad Blood, a son of Doc O’Lena crossed with Christy Jay, (dam to Colonel Freckles), and Little Sandia Lynx, (our black mare), who is a daughter of Dulces Peppy x Peppy San Badger crossed with a daughter of Docs Lynx. Little O Bad Peppy produces intelligent, athletic colts.

Tivio Bay Lynx - 2013, 14.2hh. Very stocky, outstanding conformation and dsposition and an excellent mother. 


Miss Tivio Springs - 2008 14.2 hh buckskin daughter of Tivio Springs, crossed with a daughter of Taylor Jess Tivio. This cross produced some really sharp looking horses that could travel with ease and looked great doing it. This deep bodied eye-catching mare is really slick mare. She is a rider of ours.


Shining Boots Dunit - 2014, 14.1hh, big hipped, deep bodied, perlino mare. This mare’s dam is by Shake Shiver N Shine by Shining Spark & Hollywood Dun It bred on top. 


Catsnip is a 2014, 14hh Rubicano daughter of Little O Bad Peppy crossed with a son of High Brow Cat/Smart Look.  Catsnip has a large blaze on face, roan markings, and a coon tail. This athletic, affectionate, intelligent young mare has High Brow Cat, Dual Pep, The Smart Look, Doc O’Lena, Christy Jay & Dulces Peppy on her pedigree.